Staff Performance Issues?

Perhaps It’s Your Review Method That Needs Improvement!

Performance reviews waste time!

Why are performance reviews so disappointing?  The performance review should be a time when you and your team reflect on the achievements of the period past and plan for the period ahead. Yet most leaders dread performance reviews and it shows with both parties disenchanted by the experience. Here are five tips to improve your staff performance by improving what and when you review.

10 Important Insights

Will Your business last 10 years?  These 10 insights were shared by my good friends at Gateway Financial Marketing (, on the topic of the 10 most important insights they have garnered over the 10 years they have been in business.  Whilst Gateway Financial serves a niche market, I have modified these insights to make them applicable to all businesses, so that you too may still be in business 10 years from now.

Are You Spoilt for Choice?

Where do I start?  Everywhere I look I see another business opportunity.  It’s so stressful. How do I choose which one to go after first?

These questions are surprisingly common. Most of us would have the mental image of the entrepreneur as someone with a burning passion to change the world with their product. These entrepreneurs are singly focused on their sole opportunity.  Whether or not they are focused on the task of building their business is another matter. For the purpose of this Inspirations it’s important to classify this group as being focused on a single product. However, this mental image doesn’t capture a large proportion of entrepreneurs who see opportunity wherever they look.  These entrepreneurs are spoilt for choice in their opportunity set and whilst they may be focused on implementation once clear on their mission they may miss many opportunities, or worse be unable to follow any opportunities, because they are unable to determine which opportunity they should follow first.

Asymmetry Is Expensive

Your lack of knowledge is another's take your precious capital!