Before You Start

The battle is won through preparation! Don't waste the early stages of the development of your business with tasks you should have completed when someone else was paying you!

Hope Is Not A Business Strategy

"Build it and they will come". Huh! If only, I say! Most entrepreneurs would say that their primary objective is to grow their business. Yet few actually undertake the necessary actions to achieve that growth. What's gone wrong? Instead of doing what is required, marketing, these entrepreneurs focus on their product and hope that by continual product improvement the market will recognise the superiority of their offer.

Creating A Great Pitch

If your business isn't as successful as you'd like, perhaps your pitch isn't working. Have you connected with your audience? Have you established credibility? Have you asked for the business? Have you made your offer time bound?

There are a lot of great businesses that never achieve their potential because their marketing isn't effective. And there are a lot of successful businesses that have second-rate products but great marketing. Having a great product or service isn't enough! To be successful you have to have a great product which you market well. In this Inspirations we explore how to create a great pitch.

Never on a Friday Afternoon

Why do we persist in providing negative feedback on a Friday afternoon? Unable to undertake any corrective action the receiver stews on the feedback, often returning to the office on Monday with a negative outlook. If you are lucky, all you lose is productivity, but if you are unlucky you might lose a valued team member.