The Cure for Death by Powerpoint

The most engaging presentations don’t include slides!

Isn’t that what it’s all about; engaging with your audience? Whether you are informing or selling, your objective is to persuade your audience to your point of view. And the first step to persuasion is audience engagement. Yet when we use slides in an inappropriate manner we often disengage ourselves from the audience. Unless you need a visual aid, consider improving your engagement with your audience and leave the slide deck at the office.

It's All About The Pitch – Part 1

"Hey, is anyone home? I work for Johnny. He's a Roofer. Do you want a free roof inspection?" I couldn't believe my luck! I was working from home when this person called on me and gave the worst pitch I've ever heard! Everything about it was wrong, all the way down to what the person was wearing; a fluoro vest. How fortunate could I be? I thanked him for knocking on my door (and for yelling at it whilst I walked up the hallway from my home office) and declined his offer.

The Two Most Important Lines

There are two important lines in every communication; and everything else is filler!

If delivered correctly, these two lines will encapsulate your communication and call your audience to action. They are your opening and closing.

Public Speaking Essentials – Part 2

Whether it be at a wedding, a friend's birthday party, a conference, or an industry event, as you become more experienced, the chances are that you will be approached to introduce someone or to give the vote of thanks for someone's presentation. These should be pleasurable experiences where you have the opportunity to demonstrate your public speaking capabilities. However, because we lack preparation or experience we fail to do justice to the speaker we are introducing or thanking.

In this second part of a two-part Inspirations on public speaking essentials we shall focus on the introduction and the vote of thanks to give you the confidence to speak when asked and the ability for you and your audience to enjoy the experience.