Public Speaking Essentials – Part 1

Like it or not, at some stage in your life you are going to have to stand in front of a group and either; introduce someone, thank someone for their presentation, or accept an award. Yet for something that is highly likely to occur, often with forewarning, the opportunity is a source of terror rather than the joy it should be. At best we fluff our way through or at worst make a mess of the occasion. With these tips and guidelines for public speaking essentials both you and your audience will enjoy when you are asked to give these speeches.

In this first part of our two part series on public speaking fundamentals we shall focus on the acceptance speech.

So, What is your purpose?

Why do people daydream during engaging presentations? It's not for the quality of the material or the quality of the presenter. It's because the presenter has failed to establish their purpose. And it's not just confined to presentations, either. All effective communication has a purpose! Make it easy for your audience; tell them what you want them to do. By following my approach you'll improve the effectiveness of your communications.

Stop Babbling When Presenting

How often does this happen? You've made your point but then you feel compelled to repeat the points you've just made. From the audience's perspective, this repetition is babbling and confusing. It's a common problem. Stop babbling to improve the effectiveness of your presentations.

Effective Power Gesturing

If body language is more than half the information communicated, why do we focus on the content, which is less than 10% of what is communicated? In this Inspirations we explore the topic of effective power gesturing, that is giving your communication impact through the gestures you employ. While this article deliberately is aimed at women, many men may find the tips useful too.