Our senior advisors

Mark Thomas, Managing DirectorMark Thomas

Since the early 1990’s, Mark has built businesses and careers.

In his 25-year career in financial services, Mark worked in many roles, including; futures trader, portfolio manager, relationship management, sales, and for over ten years in business leadership. Prior to entering the finance industry Mark enjoyed a career as an Engineer.

Since 2012, Mark has mentored businesses and individuals, helping them to gain focus, develop their strategy, communicate their message, and achieve their goals.

Mark has mentored individuals and businesses from across the economy, including; banking, finance, investment, superannuation, arts, film production, internet entrepreneurs, event management, sporting clubs, and associations.

Mark has advised boards and management committees on strategy development, interest alignment and goal-setting, and has worked with Boards and management during turn-around and transition management situations.

He has worked with entrepreneurs to develop and market new products and services, as well as advising senior managers through challenging projects. He also has worked with sales teams on pitch development and effective communication, and has worked with teams to resolve interpersonal issues.

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