The Art of Networking

Why are most people so poor at networking? Most of us stay connected with family and friends via social media yet when it comes to our career we have difficulties remaining connected with colleagues. Of all the skills required to advance your career, networking is one of the most important. Even though I set out some networking tips in this Inspirations, to become a proficient networker will require practise.

Be Ruthless With Your Time – Part 1

Entrepreneurs get it! We're all busy but to be successful you have to be ruthless with your time.

Be Ruthless with your Time – Part 2

In part one we touched upon tips for email management and front-loading the day by reviewing the news and planning your day before you get to the office. In this second part we explore methods to improve your time management through how you interact with your team.

Your Skills Audit

When we employ people the question we seek to answer is: "does this person have the skills and experience to fulfil the role?" Generally, to answer this question most employers talk to potential candidates about their experience. Wouldn't it be better if you told them about the skills you bring and how those skills meet the requirements of the role? The skills audit is a critical step to building a successful career because employers buy skills to perform roles and you can determine what skills you require to perform your next role. Yet, instead of identifying themselves as a collection of skills, most people see themselves as a role. By identifying yourself as a role you are making a serious career mistake because it limits your potential opportunities.