Your 30 Second Ad

"You have 30 seconds. Give me your pitch." When faced with this situation most people would panic and reply with a half thought-through incoherent mumble. Can't recall when you have been put in this position? Think again! Isn't "so, what are you up to?" asking exactly the same question? How about "What's happening?", or "what do you do?" These questions ask for a clear and concise description about your current role. Few people are prepared for this important question that has a high probability of being asked. In this Inspirations we give you a framework to prepare your 30 second ad.

5 Tips to Kick Start Your Career

The modern career is a portfolio of roles, rather than a career in the classical sense. To have a rewarding career you must build your portfolio over time and give it constant attention. If you are not giving it the attention it requires it will stall. Here are five tips to kick-start a stalled career.