Breathe! Just Breathe

“Breathe! Remember to breathe”; as my rowing coach says before a race. Or as I advise my clients; “Breathe. Just breathe”.

One Day We'll All Be Contractors

The big disruption is neither apps nor fintech. The big disruption is how we’ll work. One day soon, we’ll all be contractors. The concept of the big corporation, where you can forge a career has been disappearing, but soon it will be consigned to history and communication technology will be the cause.

You're Limiting Your Career If You Haven't Considered Fly-In Fly-Out

No longer is the fly-in-fly-out lifestyle the sole domain of workers in resources industries. Increasingly, mobile office workers are joining the FIFO lifestyle to access superior employment opportunities that are not available near to where they live. If you’re not considering FIFO you’re limiting your career!

What's Your Plan for 2015?

Have you got your plan in place for next year?