What's Your Plan for 2015?

Have you got your plan in place for next year?

The truth is that most people won't have a plan. In fact, many won't have considered their objectives since they walked out of their last review meeting; and they wonder why their career isn't going anywhere. Having a plan is vital because it gives you a target for which to aim. Without one, you are meandering. Plan now so that you can start 2015 at full speed!

Success Starts with a Good Plan

How can you know what you are doing if you don't have a plan?

It's perfectly natural. You have worked hard all year and you feel like you are in need of a break and one is just around the corner. You are focusing on completing your projects by the end of the year so you can start afresh next year. But that is not enough to be a success. Really successful people plan. They set themselves targets and milestones (benchmarks) where they can mark their progress over the next twelve months and implement efficiently. And by targets I don't mean the targets you were set in your most recent review either. I mean ambitious targets!

Make it a Stretch Target

Your personal plan for the year ahead is just that; your personal plan. It is not your KPIs and you won't be remunerated against it by your manager, per se. So you can afford to make it an ambitious target. And yes, most likely you will fall short. But we often fall short of our target anyway. Isn't it better to fall short of an ambitious target, yet still exceed your formal target; or would you rather fall short of your formal target?

By giving yourself a stretch target and by stretch target I mean something that is a significant stretch, you will be forced to think differently and try new things. Why? Because you have to try new ideas to achieve beyond the norm, otherwise it would be the conventional approach. The alternative to thinking differently and trying new things is staying with the time honoured same old well-worn path that everyone else is doing, which will give you an average result, not your self-imposed stretch result.

The Time for Planning is Now

Don't wait until January to plan for 2015. It will be February before you know it and the first quarter will be completed before you've got any traction. It's too easy to get caught up in the hurly burly of the daily routine. Especially with Christmas around the corner, there will be a mad rush to complete projects before year-end and Christmas functions and client functions to attend. Yes, it is a busy time. Don't let that be an excuse. It doesn't take long to plan for the year ahead; a couple of hours are all that are needed. With five weeks to go until the end of the year the time to plan is now!


Make 2015 your year to remember! The year where your career took off! Spend some time now to set out an ambitious personal plan for the year ahead and go after it!