A Little Bit Of Confidence Goes A Long Way

Just do it!

When presented with the opportunity, many people will shy away from making that; suggestion, call, decision, or taking that risk, which is to their detriment. Often the opportunity is lost, but sometimes another person will grasp it and reap the rewards. The psychology literature describe it in terms of loss aversion whereby we place a greater weight on loss than on reward, but the reality is what might otherwise be a shining career fails to live up to its capabilities. Stand up and grab the opportunity! A little bit of confidence goes a long way to creating a successful and rewarding career.

What's your Plan B?

I argue those who will do well in this uncertain employment environment will be prepared with career options; Plan B's.

You're Lost If You Don't Know Where You're Going

Why did you make that career move?

Too often resumes comprise a smorgasbord of roles – good opportunities at the time – but a directionless career overall. While career moves should be encouraged in your twenties to develop skills and discover your strengths and preferences, it's inappropriate thereafter. By mid-career your resume needs to present a strong argument to support your candidacy for future roles. If you don't know where your career is going, no employer is going to help you. That's the purpose of the career vision; to give your career direction.

When Did You Last Reflect On Your Career?

When was the last time you reflected on your career; where it is headed, and where you want to take it? If you're honest; it's been a while.