Effective Resume Preparation – Biography Style

There are some situations where the  effective resume style is inappropriate. Generally, these situations are where the person has worked; in one organization their entire career, or either in a large number of roles (more than 10), or a small number of roles (less than 4). For these people the biography style of resume preparation is most effective.

The biography resume style is a simplified version of the effective resume style which focuses on the biography of the person, including career achievements, and only lists the roles the person has had rather than providing achievements under each role. Therefore, the Executive Summary will extend beyond two or three paragraphs and may be up to a page in length. While the Experience section is a list of roles. Otherwise, the resume is the same as that described in the Effective Resume Preparation document.


Sample Format for an Effective Resume – Biography Style


<Mobile> / <email> / <LinkedIn> / <Skype, if appropriate>


This section may between 300 and 500 words in length and include

  • What role you seek, eg “Experienced Chief Executive”, “Seasoned Sales Professional”, “Business Leader”, “Senior Production Manager”, “Financial Analyst”, etc
  • Your supporting claims and achievements, eg “achieved 15%pa sales growth over 20 years in senior marketing roles in the communications industry”, “strong analytical and research skills”, “consistent track record of securing funding from government agencies”, etc
  • Your supporting experience, eg: “10 years working with <types> of organisations/industry”, etc>


List in reverse order, from most recent to earliest the roles you have had.

  • Role title
  • Employer – if there are various roles with a single employer list the total time with the employer and separately list each role under the single employer
  • Dates
Professional Memberships

<List professional memberships>


Extra-Curricular Activities

<List appropriate extra-curricular activities (eg Director or Committee Member)>



<Generally, a list of qualifications, institutions and dates>



<Optional.  If included it is one or two lines (eg. Married with two children, or keen runner, and cyclist)>



<Not required>